What is this CNFT project?

The first Islamic Art / Arabic Calligraphy NFT Collectible series on Cardano: The 99 Names of Allah together with Allah (swt) are a 100 NFTs which come in 3 variants each - Gold on Black, Gold on Green and Brown on White.

How many NFTs are there in the 1st issue?

All in all there are only 300 NFTs of which approx. 10 NFTs will be given away to my Twitter followers by the drop date.

There will only ever be 2 issues (seasons) of The 99 Names of Allah CNFT.

Who are you?

I'm just a humble enthusiast in all things Arabic and Islamic doing what I love to keep growing. You're invited to grow with me, one calligraphy piece at a time...

How much per piece? What is the minting address?

I decided to go ahead with just 15 ADA as I want to get as many people to hold the first Islamic Art collectible on Cardano.

The minting address will be announced on my Twitter page. Please follow it here @ArabicNFT.art
As I am more of an artist than a highly technical person, I will manually be sending out the NFTs in a random fashion on the day of the airdrop October 18, 2021 at 6 PM UTC (10PM Dubai, 7PM London, 2PM New York, 2AM Singapore). Any surplus ADAs sent to the minting address will be refunded. Please allow a few hours till you get your NFTs.

Season 1

The 99 Names of Allah - 3 variants x 100 CNFTs in a modified thuluth calligraphic style. Thuluth is an elegant, cursive script used for centuries in mosque decorations.

Season 2

Islamic CNFT collection in the square Kufic style. Details to be announced.

Al Azeez Gold on Green - 2nd batch
Ar-Rahmaan 3rd batch
Allah - 1st batch